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A local non-governmental organisation Society for Pre and Postnatal Services (SPANS), working with the Ministry of

Health and Child Care in strengthening the National Health Strategy (NHS), is offering a course in Family Mental Health

Therapy. The right training at the right time.


The course title: Diploma in Systemic Family Therapy and Family Developmental Counselling in Maternal, Paternal

and Child Mental Health.


This is a unique, much-needed, sensitive, positive and comprehensive approach to family issues.

Entry qualifications: at least 5 ‘O’ Levels including English Language. Also open to all who have a passion in the

counselling profession.


Duration: 2 years – (Block release system. Lectures are done for one-week full week per module after every 2 months.

The whole course has 10 modules). Both weekdays and weekend classes are available.

Registration for the February/March 2022 cohort is in progress.


Requirements: Attach certified copies of Birth Certificate, National ID and Educational certificates on the registration form provided by SPANS.

Registration can be done online or physically at the following address:

SPANS Head Office, Ruwa Clinic. Goromonzi District, Ruwa.

You can get the application form on the following numbers (0739 948 297/ 0774 061 881).


Applications closing date: 28 February 2022.

Please note that this course on Mental health is on demand and early registration is recommended to avoid



For more on registration and any other information feel free to contact 0739 948 297/ 0774 061 881.

Contact Seller on: 0739948297