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Open View Decoder $45 Dstv Decoder $40 CLASSIC CONNECTIONS ®️ We are Online taking payments, activation is instant _Prices for Dstv Zim Accounts in Rtgs and Zim_ RTGS USD Lite 2300 $13 Access 3400 $17 Family 4800 $24 Compact 7000 $34 Compact + 10900 $50 Extra view 3400 $17 Send details as follows Smartcard number Package Name Also doing-: _Dish/Solar Installation, Dish Refocusing, Relocation, Dstv Decoder Registration for S.A and Zim, Open View Activation and Error clearing...etc_ USD, Zipit n Ecocash App or Call me on +263775821733 +27780239089

Contact Seller on: 0775821733


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