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Under Attack With Your Accounting Challenges?


“Real knowledge is knowing the extent of one’s ignorance.” - Confucius

If Your Accounting Portfolio Fails The Statutory Compliance Stress-Tests,

At Any Hour of the Day or Night, on Weekends

Even During Holidays, Call For Prompt, Professional Service.

Available 24/7,

Financial Advisory Services at Same Rates

In the Evenings, on Weekends and Holidays

Performance-Guaranteed Services

Or Your MoneyBack

A Full Service Audit On Your Financial Challenge Or Opportunity

Full Prescription After An Extensive Diagnosis And Examination During or After A Consultation Session

If you’re experiencing Accounting nightmares,

If you breached your Statutory Accounting Compliance obligations,

If your Financial and Management Reporting Obligations collapsed,

If you successfully failed to secure a Consulting Accountant,

If you’re overwhelmed by your Payroll Administration matters,

If you suffered fraud, financial irregularities, want Financial Health checks, Financial Analysis, Due Diligence Tests done on your proposed business transaction or project,

If your Accounting Software collapsed,

If you would like to outsource your Accounting portfolio,

Engage me for a second. How can I REALLY help you eliminate your pain points? Hopefully, you’re not fighting alligators.

No, wait.

Let me be raw and real with you for a second.

I’m second-guessing. Am clueless about your Accounting matters! Engage me for a second. What is your principal objective?

Tell you what.

I am in a position to do something for you TODAY that no other living person can do for you.


Whether it’s in the middle of the night, at the crack of dawn, on a weekend, or worse-case scenario during a holiday, I’ll reach out and fix your Accounting challenge promptly, permanently. And critically importantly, very professionally!

Hopefully you never face Financial Advisory Challenges. Should the need arises, give me a call, day, night whenever, where ever. A live human being will answer your call.

I don’t have all the answers to your challenges. But as a professional, I know where to look. Unless, I understand what is giving you restless nights, your pain points, your challenges, your objectives, your expectations I’m not QUALIFIED to serve you. Giving you a prescription before a diagnosis is malpractice. It’s not done!

My goal is to help you discover the appropriate knowledge for your situation. And, prescribe the appropriate remedial solution.

Your call, Empire!

Best of all, same rate whether you call at 9am or 9pm!

I don’t charge more for evening hours, on weekends or holidays! My fees are PERFORMANCE-BASED, where applicable.

No Hourly rates!

ONLY Fixed rates or Performance-based fees!


It’s not a done deal until I’m released from the assignment. And, you’re happy with the outcome! If you’re not happy with my service performance, I’ll do WHATEVER it takes to redress the situation. Or I’ll give you back your money and release you as a client. That is, as fair as I can be.


Because the success of your business, coupled with my livelihood, is on the line. Hence, I do business with clients. Not customers!

Think about the dry forest that is destroyed by a single lighted cigar stub.

When in need of prompt, efficient professional service, please give me a call. Available 24/7, because I never know when your Financial Advisory challenges will arise

Do you really, really think that I can add VALUE, make your personal and business life BETTER?

If so, I would be exceedingly glad to hear from YOU.

Tell you what.

Go ahead and book your slot for a short-term problem-solving session. Or let us explore in greater detail the prospects of a long-term, profitable, win-win performance-based consulting deal.

One more thing…

By Referral Only

But if you recognize and appreciate the value, contribution, and the unique and self-serving benefit I brought to you, I expect you to immediately contact at least 3 of your most valued friends, relatives, business partners, or members in your network. And, refer them to me.

Do you know why?

I recognize and revere what I bring to the table. I respect my craft, my time and most important of all my clients.

And, I would like to grow my business by referrals.

Over to You!


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