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Cash on Delivery contact details Benefits of Nutriplant Organic Plus FertilizerContains all the Nutrients a plant requires to growHigh Nutrients concentration – plants are highly fedSafe for human, animals and environment because of pure organic with no toxic chemicalInhibits the growth of bacteria, virus, fungi which disturb the plantsPromotes the growth of beneficial micro-organismPromotes rapid/vigorous growth of plant roots, stems and leaves. It promotes the development of more fibrous root that make plants firm in the soilEnhances the general immunity of crops to be resistant to drought, infertility and diseases and bearing a repellant effect to pests and arthropods.Improves the size, quality and quantity of the harvestable parts of the crop and makes the fruit fresh and ruddy.Improves the soil structure and enhance the bioactivity of the soil, boosting its fertility to over two years.Increase the yield by over 30% to 40%.It is quick, sufficient, cheap and easy to use. Just simply sprayed on the crops.Green World Nutriplant Organic Plus Fertilizer promotes the germination.Promotes root development with more fibrous roots, optimizes root morphology.The more fibrous roots grow, the more efficient they absorb the water and nutrients from the soil. call 0788965908

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