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Prepaid Electricity Split Meters

Prepaid Electricity Split Meters
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💡 Split meters help you to save electricity!

💡 They help you avoid quarreling and ZESA recharge squabble meetings

*Benefits! *💡 

  • - When you are out your electricity balance is recorded on your meter for use when you get back. 
  • - You won't buy electricity for others. 
  • - No one will use your electricity while you are at work or have traveled 
  • - It is easier to implement electricity-saving measures when you are not sharing 
  • - No more meetings to pool funds to buy ZESA 
  • - High spenders pay more 
  • - The split meter is transferrable unotama nayo 

*Pricing:* from $80

_Final price depends on your location. (sometimes we charge for transport to get to where you are in Zimbabwe!)_

Contact Seller on: 0777556864


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It's good

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So cool

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