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Sealed clothing bales
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*♦️FASHION CLOTHING BALES WITH AFFORDABLE PRICE* 👖👚🧥 *♦️The economic environment is in Zimbabwe is changing. To continue to thrive as a business over the next (Five years) and beyond,* *we must look ahead,* *understand the trends and forces that will* *shape our business in the future & move swiftly to prepare what's to* *come.* *We must get ready today for tomorrow* 👖👚 ** *0713677768* *♦️OUR VERSION* _______ ▪️People: be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be. _____________________ *♦️Our mission* ▪️To provide *Clothing bales* to Zimbabweans residence. ▪️To inspire moments of optimism & happiness To create value & makes a Difference *♦️Winter & Summer Stuff* ▪️Children mix ▪️Children medium rummage ▪️Kids anorak ▪️Girls dress ▪️Boys shorts ▪️Boys jeans *♦️LADIES STUFF* ▪️Mix dress ▪️Summer dress ▪️Min dress ▪️Polo dress ▪️Poly and silk blouse ▪️Silk blouse & *e.t.c* *♦️OTHER* ▪️Polo neck ▪️Anorak jackets ▪️Cargo shorts ▪️Bed sheets ▪️Comforters ▪️Blankets ▪️Wool cap

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