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THE SOCIAL WORK MASTERCLASS DESCRIPTION: Are you passionate about driving community socio-economic development or helping people on a professional level? Are you interested in becoming a social worker, or you are currently a student or an already active social worker or development practicioner? Or you are interested in gaining more knowledge and insight? Then this Social Work Masterclass will take you through the basics of social work, it's ethics and  values, laws and principles, as well as the guidelines, theories and approaches to social work practices. The course program structure will also include modules on casework, teamwork and how to help service users to improve their lives as well as how to effectively establish and manage development oriented projects. Brought and facilitated by EQUITY AFRICA INITIATIVE, The 30-day Social Work Masterclass (SWM) crash program provides the education and experience necessary for a career in social work. It prepares participants for beginning generalist social work practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities. The curriculum helps them prepare for the professional responsibilities of social work and acquire the skills needed for effective social work practice. It helps them to gain conceptual clarity and ability to perform as social work professionals and to develop the foundational skills in working with individuals, groups and communities. The training provided aims to help participants engage in evidence-based practice and to be equipped with research skills and to promote the ability of the students to work independently and in teams as well as to understand the ethical standards of the social work profession and encourage social sensitivity with responsiveness. MODULES: 1. Why Social Work? 2. Misconceptions about Social Work 3. Professional Social Work – Features 4. Methods of Social Work 5. Scope of Social Work 6. Characteristics of Social Work 7. Objectives of Social Work 8. Functions of Social Work 9. Components of Social Work 10. Fields of Social Work 11. Social Work and Community Development, Gender Inclusion, Social Intergration and Community Health and Involvement 12. Skills and Qualities – Social Workers 13. Career opportunities REGISTRATION: OPEN PLATFORM: WHATSAPP REGISTRATION FEE: $10 (inclusive of participation and certificate) DURATION: 30 DAYS Payments are made to: 0782938897 EcoCash. Innbucks. Mukuru. EcoCash Remit. It can be in RTGS at the prevailing rate.

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