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Staldren for Poultry Hygiene

Staldren for Poultry Hygiene
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500g $4  come and get yours to safe guard fowlfun  and prevent bacteria to attack your birds.

It is an effective dry disinfectant for poultry.  It is non-toxic for man and and the birds.

By using Staldren you will absorb humidity, bind ammonia and fight bacteria, to keep the environment and health at a high level.

Order yours today. Call Dr Machingauta: 0777828898

The product’s benefits

  • Staldren is kind to the environment, and has a well-documented effect on the most common bacteria and fungi spores.
  • Staldren is phosphate free and pH-neutral disinfectant, meaning that it does not dissolve or loosen floors or pens, nor does it dry out the animal’s thin skin.
  • Staldren binds ammonia to such a level, that both humans and animals can stay in the stable without obnoxious smell or shortness of breath.
  • Staldren absorbs moisture and is therefore particularly useful in high humidity.
  • Staldren disinfects and cleans the environment, reduces the level of infection, and therefore ensures healthier animals.
  • Staldren is a necessity for professional farmers.

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