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*Riverside Park Stand* 2300m² Well developed area with water and tarred roads Tittle Deed *40k* slightly negotiable *Belvedere West Stand* 500m² Council Offer Letter *17k* *Crowhill Stands* 1000m² Deeds *12k* *Glaudina Stands* 300m², 425m² and 600m² @ 35us per square metre Parent deed *Budiriro Gungunyani* -3 Roomed Cottage sitting on a 300m² stand. -Well serviced area with water and electricity. -Council Cession *10k* *Granary Phase 1* 300m² Water✅ Electricity✅ Compacted Roads Close to shops Cession *9k slightly negotiable* *Warren Park* 300m² with box Sewer ✅ Water✅ Electricity✅ Council Cession *12k* *DZ Extension (Nehanda)* 300m² Water✅ Sewer✅ Electricity✅ Cession *7.5k* *Mabvuku Tafara* 200m² Water✅ Sewer✅ Electricity✅ Compacted Roads Council Cession *7.5k* *DZ Extension* 200m², 300m² & 400m² Sewer✅ Water✅ Compacted Roadsn Local Government Cession *6k, 7.5k & 10k respectively* *Kuwadzana 6 Infill* 496m² Fully Serviced Council Cession *10k* Contact: 0778023166

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