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The African Child Support Network

The African Child Support Network
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The African Child Support Network is a charity and nonprofit organization, and whose focus is on creating safe spaces and a conducive environment for children and the improvement of their welfare and development, by ensuring educational, socio-economic and cultural empowerment, development and innovation, for the benefit of all children and teenagers, with a special focus on the girl child, from the age of 0 to 18 years of age, and also for the advancement of any other empowerment and developmental initiatives of general public utility and community welfare, in both the urban and rural communities in Zimbabwe. It's main aims and objectives include: 1. Advocating for and advancing children's rights, and for the improvement of their access to safe spaces, a safe and conducive environment, healthcare services and educational opportunities and resources. 2. Initiating pro-children poverty reduction interventions, basic education financial support programs, healthcare access outreaches, food assistance programs, mental health wellness and counseling outreaches, after school programs and literacy and literary skills improvement book and reading clubs. Now, we are seeking volunteers and members, from across all the 10 provinces of Zimbabwe. Membership is open to everyone and anyone, with an array of benefits. Membership fee is only USD2. If interested, or in need of more information, please kindly contact our admins at: 0782286333


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