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Umgalelo Skin Care Productss

Umgalelo Skin Care Productss

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Umgalelo skin care products are products made by africans for african skin....they help you achieve the type of skin you want.Our products are made from natural ingredients, they have no side effects and they do not bleach. 

They treat skin, womb, tooth, bone, open wounds, acne,Eczema,Pimples, Stretch marks,Dark inner thighs,dark armpits,boost immune system

Vitamin E tissue oil $6/R80

Lotion with tissue oil  $7/R100

Skin restore soap  $5/R70

Purifying soap  $5/R70

Whitening toothpaste $9/R130

Immune boosters  $8/R120

Day cream  $15/R220

Night cream  $13/R190

Vaginal cleanser R140/$10

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