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Hey. My name's Alderman or Tatenda I'm a self taught programmer making beautiful fast applications and websites for any kind of purpose. Fees differ with each project but I'm generally an affordable person cause totaurirana but generally you should expect prices to be around these figures:

N.B: Android, iOS variations of Apps are sold separately.

Simple Websites & Apps(About US$150.00 TO US$200.00) - These include one page sites. The Websites are particularly great at presenting information. You also get a dashboard to be able to change the information on the site.

Websites/Apps with forms and lists (Around US$200.00 to US$300.00) - These sites are still simple but they allow clients to give you information like contact information which you can view through your own private dashboard. You can also have features like notice boards of content feeds showing articles if you like.

I can also work with you to make a Custom website or application that has advanced functionality like account creation and other features that can be implemented using the account information. This would generally be about US$350.00 if the website doesn't have much in it but can soar all the way up to US$1K if we have a really elaborate application or website.

On the really high end, we can make sophisticated systems for companies and other organizations or even make technology for start-ups for a negotiable price. For these systems, I will generally charge around US$1.5K all the way to US$5K if the project permits that kind of figure... But like I said, it's all negotiable.

NB: with all these applications and websites comes supporting dashboard applications for you to use to update things. Another important thing to note is that these fees are MY service fees, your project will have it's own fees that you pay for its maintenance to whichever host and domain you'll be using, these fees are generally really low but larger projects will have larger fees however low. Unless you have your own servers, you should be prepared to pay these fees.

Another really great point

When we start a project together, we setup the necessary accounts and stuff for the project, you will have full access to everything we do. Payments will be made as we advance on the project, so that you don't use me to make a project you'll never pay for, these things are painstakingly hard to make. For me to start a project, 25 % of the amount has to be deposited, non negotiable.

I could spend all day explaining, just come through to my WhatsApp, let's make something great... Call if I'm offline, I may be busy in my Garden, we are still in Zimbabwe ๐Ÿ˜….

Contact Seller on: 0788332898


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