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Zimdrop Android App for e-commerce

Zimdrop Android App for e-commerce

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If you're on the market for Technology that will allow you to sell goods online on your own terms, Zimdrop is for you.

I intended to use it and did use it to sell fast foods and other products.We eventually closed down the business because it was just a passion project for me. 

I didn't just make the frontend app for users, I also went further and developed a backend app for myself (merchant) to upload products, manage orders and user's wallets. 

Not only that, I also developed an internal wallet which I dubbed "Not A Bank" because well, I didn't have Payment APis and frankly I didn't wanna go through the hustle for a passion project. The Not A Bank Accounts are managed through the ZimDrop Backend App I mentioned earlier.

This setup worked because my App only accepted Zim Numbers and also I intended to just use it in my local place(Chiredzi). So users would contact me if they needed to recharge wallets and I'd come to wherever they stayed to pickup the cash and recharged their wallets... 

This said, the App was still not polished enough for Primetime, especially the backend but if I'd put in some additional month of development.

The App was developed using Flutter and Firebase as the backend tech so it's server less. I only got reminded of it when I got a notification from it saying an order came in (guess I didn't shut it down completely).

I'm selling the technology for anyone willing to use it.

Here's some of the features it has but this isn't an exhaustive list:

0. Phone number verification (OTP)

1. Extremely customizable product pages, including unique colors, gradients and product options.

2. Location services enabled, with a real-time map to show users where exactly the delivery man is at on a map

3. Internal wallet and Cash On Delivery options for payment

4. Limited offline capabilities like viewing downloaded products even without data

5. Notifications on new orders to the merchant and to the users when orders are ready or new product uploads

6. Backend accommodates multiple users in the order fulfillment chain e.g Product Pickers, Packers and Delivery so you can employ pple and not worry about opening up your business.

7. Real time updates to the client as their order is being processed, as to which stage it's at, then location services kick in when the delivery man collects the package.

If you're interested I'll definitely get more data on the App and throw it your way. I'm also willing to do the remaining development to finish it up for  US$50 so the App really fits your needs ...

Download and sample the App on Android:


Contact Seller on: 0788332898