ZANU PF Youths Name "Looters" Wreaking Havoc On The Economy

3 years ago
Mon, 03 Feb 2020 13:41:46 GMT
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ZANU PF Youths Name "Looters" Wreaking Havoc On The Economy

The Zanu PF Youth League held a press conference in Harare on Monday afternoon, with its officials taking turns to “expose” corrupt cartels working with ZANU PF officials and captains of industry to sabotage the economy. Youth League vice-chairperson Lewis Matutu had this to say:

The majority of our problems come from this one person called Kudakwashe Tagwirei, he’s the source of our problems.

This has nothing to do with politics. It’s an issue of young people taking charge of their future.

There’s a second person called Tafadzwa Musarara (Grain Millers Association). He and a clique of old people that he’s working with are looting (through the mealie meal subsidy).

Our judiciary system is on holiday. When this whole corruption fight started, we have not had more than three convictions. If they don’t want to work anymore they must resign from their jobs.

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… We expect people to react, but we don’t expect the voice of reason to be silenced. If it so happens that we have been incapacitated or whatever, do not keep quiet about this. We have prepared ourselves, we know what might happen.

The President is definitely not captured. There’s no-one, right now, who has the capacity to capture that man. Tagwirei has no capacity to capture that man.

Youth League national political commissar, Godfrey Tsenengamu weighed in, accusing businessmen Billy Rautenbach and Kuda Tagwirei of being at the centre of the cartels. He said:

Billy Rautenbach (Green Fuel), why him alone enjoying a monopoly of fuel blending and selling ethanol at high prices?

Tagwirei has bought mines at Shamva, Mazowe, Freda, Bindura through one of his companies (he can’t recall the name readily).

Tagwirei has a car import company (name not audible). He works with a guy called Brighton. When the government needs 40 cars, he imports 100 and the others come in duty-free.

Kudakwashe Tagwirei uses a Congolese woman called Dalia (not sure on spelling), for illegal forex trade. Let him deny, and we will bring out the V11s.

If you go to Tagwirei’s car sales, he has top of the range vehicles he brought in under corrupt Command Agriculture schemes. He has done this because leaders have allowed it. Our leaders must now choose whether they want to stand with Tagwirei or the people.

Justice system has failed – the police, prosecutors and judiciary are all trading accusations and you wonder who’s failing the public. This is a generational fight. We have created a platform, a citizen anti-corruption taskforce.

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