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Welcome to Pindula. We are a publicly editable resource for everything Zimbabwean. We share DNA with the Wikipedia, except Oliver Mtukudzi is more significant here than Lil Wayne and that pretty much says why we're doing this.

We are still growing, which means you might not find some of the things you're looking for right now. We want to change that quickly over the next couple of months. But we can't do it alone as it's such a mammoth task. This is where you come in. Most of you reading this are in Zimbabwe and have a lot of information around you that is dying to be organised on a platform like this. We need your help. Here are some 2 quick ways to contribute:

  • Edit existing articles like these that need detail
  • Check the "Wanted Pages" list and see if there's one that interests you to write on.

If you are not registered already, or aren't logged in, Do it here so you can easily track your contributions.

Lastly, here's a quick how-to to turn you into a Pindula editing newbie pro chop chop: Quick Pindula how-to Guide.

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