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10 things we learned from Olinda's interview with Ruvheneko

7 years agoTue, 14 Feb 2017 16:27:07 GMT
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10 things we learned from Olinda's interview with Ruvheneko

In case you are too lazy to watch Ruvheneko‘s interview with Stunner‘s now former wife, Olinda Chapel, here is a quick summary of what she said:

  1.  Before she got married to Stunner, she was previously married for 10 years, and she did not enjoy her first marriage.  She came out of that marriage with a lot of anger.
  2. Olinda’s first born is 16 years old and she had him when she was just 17.  This means that she is 33, and tallies with her birthday on public records.
  3. In order to lose weight, she had gastric balloon surgery done on her in Turkey.  However, the balloon reportedly malfunctioned while she was on a plane back to England resulting in it expanding more than it should have.  This caused her to have problems in holding down food after eating, and it had to be removed.
  4. Olinda refuted that she copied Pokello’s hairstyle, saying that she had the same hairstyle for three years when she was in high school.  She also said that her Instagram shows her with the same hairstyle a few years ago.  However, she did admit that Stunner likes a certain “type.”
  5. Olinda also claimed that after she started having marital issues with Stunner, his friends started calling and texting her trying to hook up with her.
  6. She admitted that she needed professional help as she has gone through a very traumatic period with Stunner.  She said she experienced a lot of hurt and that she would not feel ashamed because people like “Kim K” also see professional therapists.
  7. She refuted the allegation that she was the woman who caused Gaynor Fundira to have a breakdown when she stole her husband.  She said  this was a rumour started on social media and categorically denied it.  She said that she was actually friends with Gaynor, and tried to help her when the police were looking to commit her to a psychiatric institution.
  8. She said that she got pregnant despite being on the loop.  She claims that, unfortunately, she suffered a miscarriage while she was having an emotional breakdown shooting the first Facebook Live video.
  9. Olinda also alleged that Stunner would take her 16-year-old son when he went to see his girlfriends.  Unfortunately, her son did not realise that these were Stunner’s girlfriends and become interested in some of the girls because their ages were very similar to his.
  10. Despite all that has happened she claimed that she still loved Stunner wholeheartedly although she was leaving him and moving on.  She did not rule out reconciliation, however.

More: Watch the Full Video Here



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