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Put Yourself In A Position To Afford Anything, Stop Complaining: Bob Jr Speaks On $300 Shirts

6 years agoWed, 11 Apr 2018 12:09:52 GMT
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Put Yourself In A Position To Afford Anything, Stop Complaining: Bob Jr Speaks On $300 Shirts

Robert Mugabe Junior son of former president Robert Mugabe has revealed how he priced the T-Shirts for his clothing label, xGx. The label was launched last year with the T-Shirts starting at $250. However, Robert Jr argues that the apparel is not pricey saying that people should put themselves in a position where they can afford anything instead of complaining. Speaking to South African Radio Station Dexterity, Robert Jr said,

It’s a funny story about the T-shirts, really, really funny story. My brand is expensive for those who think it’s expensive. I look at Gucci now and I don’t think it’s expensive. … it’s not that I can afford it or somebody else can’t afford it but if you can’t afford it, stop complaining. Stop expecting people to lower things down for you, beat your limit.

If you see yourself complaining about something, ask yourself why you are complaining about it, and ask yourself why other people can afford it and how they got to afford that thing. Maybe it’s not those people who can afford it or people who are pricey, maybe it’s just you and what you think life is supposed to be for you. So why don’t you put yourself in a position to afford everything! And then you will be fine, you won’t be complaining. So I priced it because I want people to value xGx clothing so when it comes out from our workshop, it becomes your identity so they need to value that.

If you buy something for $5, are you really gonna value it compared to something you got for $200. People put covers on their iPhones to protect the iPhone so that nothing hap-pens to it but no one will put a cover on a five dollar phone. So we need a mindset change as Africans. We need other people complaining saying African stuff is very expensive, we have to put it out there. That is where Africa should be, that’s where Africa is, we have the minerals. My online store just came out today actually, it’s xGx.com

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