FULL TEXT: Veritas Launches Veritas Women

5 years agoWed, 27 Feb 2019 10:57:14 GMT
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FULL TEXT: Veritas Launches Veritas Women

Veritas Zimbabwe, an organization which provides information on the work of the Parliament of Zimbabwe, the Laws of Zimbabwe and makes public domain information widely available has launched a new project called Veritas Women.

The project can be accessed on www.veritaswomen.net

Announcing the new project today, Veritas Zimbabwe wrote:

VERITAS Zimbabwe has launched an Interactive Women’s Platform.  It will provide information on the rights and status of women in Zimbabwe and also information on where to turn and what legal options are available if women feel their rights are being violated or ignored.

Women who interact on the platform will become more knowledgeable on the Constitution and other rights enshrined in our laws.

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Veritas Women will work as a resource, providing information about service provisions by the State, legal aid clinics, labour advice centres, and other women’s rights oriented civil society organisations (CSOs).

It will provide a safe platform for women and girls to discuss their rights and the problems they encounter in claiming their rights using the county’s main languages of English, Ndebele and Shona.  The aim is to give agency to women and girls to claim their rights and this will ultimately lead to gender equality and a more just society.

The interactive forum is specifically meant for women and girls, but is open to all who have women’s rights at heart.   We particularly encourage organisations which work with women to use it.

The forum is meant to help people discuss and ask questions on rights and laws promoting these rights.

Questions can be asked via email, WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook and Twitter.

The Veritas Women team will answer all questions and queries in the shortest time possible.  During office hours you will often find a Veritas lawyer on-line for an email chat or able to talk to you on a WhatsApp Chat.

The overall goal is to connect different kinds of women from all over Zimbabwe  – wives, mothers, partners, students, apprentices, entrepreneurs or employees – and enable them to share thoughts, strengths, and strategies.

Share any achievements and success stories you have on Veritas Womens News page or on Facebook or Twitter. 

Discuss your ideas on our Blog.

If you find difficulty in claiming your rights, and if you face challenges at home, in the workplace and society at large, share your experiences with other women.   Veritas will use your ideas to do advocacy  on your behalf with Parliament or other State institutions or may give you ideas on how to join together to do your own advocacy.

Increased solidarity of Zimbabwe’s women, based on shared conditions, experiences, or concerns, is going to be the hallmark of the project.

Internationally, 2018 was the year of the woman.  Women organised themselves and managed to harness their outrage. They were more engaged, energised and resolute than ever.  Issues that were long ignored are coming to the surface, and women are beginning to speak up and use their voices and influence to demand real change.

It has become more and more important for women to harness their collective power by creating a safe platform where they  can collaborate, share and empower each other in one unified and secure space.

Millions joined the “Women’s March” round the world, and more women opened up and bravely told their stories of harassment and sexual assault and bullying in the work place. The major driving factor for the successes was the social media.  Information is power.  Other popular campaigns include the “Me Too” movement that support survivors of sexual violence and assault.  If you are thinking of launching a similar campaign, share you ideas with others on the Veritas Women’s Platform.



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