Journalist Arrested At State House For Carrying Grenades- Report

4 years agoFri, 22 Mar 2019 01:49:31 GMT
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Journalist Arrested At State House For Carrying Grenades- Report

State owned newspapers allege journalist Zenzele Ndebele was arrested after he was found in possession of items that looked like grenades.

The publications add that Ndebele was also arrested for conduct likely to breach the maintenance of public peace. The report goes on to state that preliminary indications are that the objects Ndebele had could have been chemical weapon cannisters such as teargas, likely to be thrown in an offensive posture.

A security source quoted by State owned publications said Ndebele was found with suspicious articles used by security agents. The source said:

(His arrest) it has to do with his conduct that was likely to breach the maintenance law and order. He was likely to breach maintenance of public peace considering that this was a public gathering. So he had no reason at all to go into that gathering carrying some items which in actual fact are items which are used by security services and he is not a member of the security services. The law is very clear no one should go into any public gathering carrying items which legally no one would be allowed to be in possession of. He had no reason at all to carry those items to the gathering. Whatever he was carrying he had no reason to be in possession of those items.


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