7 Popular WhatsApp Versions And Their Features

4 years agoFri, 10 May 2019 12:30:26 GMT
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7 Popular WhatsApp Versions And Their Features

While it’s illegal and risky to have these modified versions of WhatsApp, that haven’t stopped thousands of people from downloading and using them, We took a look at 7 most popular versions of WhatsApp and discovered why people sometimes chose them.

GB WhatsApp

Many people prefer this because it has a lot of privacy features. Hide double tick, blue tick, and online status and status view. Ever wondered how someone who doesn’t show that they viewed your status just pops up commenting on it, well now you know why.  Password lock for particular chats is the other reason why most people have GB WhatsApp. Not forgetting that they can also customize themes.

WhatsApp Prime

The features that may be attractive to some users include View Last Seen without entering the chat box, media preview without loading is another feature and the ability to zoom-in on profile pictures sometimes draw people to this version.

FM WhatsApp

If it was legal I would have downloaded this one. But the need to be a good citizen overpowers the ability to have 5-minute video statuses as this is one of the most prominent features of this version. Apart from that a user can hide chats or lock them with security or temper around blue ticks or double click.

ZE WhatsApp

This version supports sending 90 photos at once. It also has a feature of hiding the date when copying long messages. It’s possible to schedule chats with this version of modified whatsapp.

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Soula WhatsApp

This version is capable of sending up to 100 files of different formats at once, it can also send batches of up to 100 images not forgetting that it has more security and fast speed.

WhatsApp Plus

One of the most popular versions of WhatsApp modifications it can enable or disable blue ticks, it has thousands of premium themes it has Inbuilt app lock, and people can recall & schedule WhatsApp messages

MA WhatsApp

This WhatsApp version has a dark theme,  and users can change the font size, or use private mode for chatting and preview media files before downloading making it one of the versions that have a preview before downloading feature


Most of these versions receive a lot of updates. At the end of it, all the original Whatsapp is still the best version to use as it is legal and has some cool features my favorite being the statuses that sometimes tell hidden stories. WhatsApp has graduated from a mere medium of communication to the level of being a platform for one to tell their stories like Facebook and Instagram.





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