Stay Ahead Of The Supposed ZESA Load-shedding With These Options

4 years agoFri, 10 May 2019 09:13:43 GMT
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Stay Ahead Of The Supposed ZESA Load-shedding With These Options

Formal communication about load-shedding is imminent. What power options have you put in place to ensure you stay online? People like me have to have many options as I work online and I can’t afford to stay offline. People like my cousin who have a bubbling social life also can’t afford to stay offline as they will miss out. People like my parents who came to Harare to just process something cant be offline as well because what they are processing is done online mostly. in the end, we all have different reasons to be online. Whatever your reason may be, power cuts will or may affect your ability to stay online in the coming weeks or months, or even years who know. These few options will ensure that you stay online for the duration that the power is off in your area.

  1. Buy a power bank – Power banks once flooded the market like zvihuta and suddenly vanished. Maybe because the power situation had improved. They will come in handy soon as our phone and tablet batteries may not last the duration of the power cuts. Techzim is selling power banks on their site. The Powerbank is 10000 mAh meaning it will charge most phones to full battery twice.
  2. Invest in a small solar system – going green has always been an enviable thing. Solar Energy doesn’t require monthly or weekly purchases its a once off cost then you enjoy 2+ years of free safe energy isn’t that great? investing now as the power situation deteriorate is better because nobody knows what will happen next year or the year after and many solar energy companies may just be overwhelmed with demand thereby increasing their prices, who knows. Solartech has a system they are selling for $730 US, check them out.
  3. Buy a rechargeable inverter – these are not so common in Zimbabwe and you can actually make a decent amount selling them. (Don’t say i didn’t give you anything) The rechargable inverter will be charged with ZESA in the hours ZESA will be around, and then come in handy when ZESA goes visiting. The inverter usually have batteries that are charged by electricity. The most or fastest way to find them now is through Alibaba.  local companies loke GenKing are selling these inverters for reasonable prices. Check them out.



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