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Bitter Mugabe Has No Desire To Forgive Or Forget His Former Lieutenants - Analysts

4 years agoMon, 12 Aug 2019 08:07:36 GMT
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Bitter Mugabe Has No Desire To Forgive Or Forget His Former Lieutenants - Analysts

After Zimbabwe learnt that Mugabe has plainly told his family he doesn’t want to be buried at the national shrine together with people who chucked him out of power, political Analysts who spoke to the Daily News described Mugabe as bitter.

The analysts also said it looks like Mugabe has no desire to forget or forgive his former lieutenants who played key roles in his downfall in November 2017.

Several Analysts who spoke to The Daily News Said:

It is a combination of senility owing to old age, resulting in emotions running high, as well as bitterness over the events of November 2017. Mugabe is so bitter that he cannot forgive ED. He made his feelings public when he declared his support for (opposition leader Nelson) Chamisa on the eve of last year’s elections. Never mind the fact that he was to later and briefly turn around after the elections to congratulate Mnangagwa, he is still very bitter.

The vacuous remarks about him refusing to be buried at Heroes Acre are like a devil refusing to go to the hell that he created. It’s all bitterness and nonsensical ranting. He obviously deserves to be buried there with others like him.

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Mugabe’s decision is sour grapes as his lieutenants turned the tables on him. He is smarting from the coup by the very military that (the late MDC founder) Morgan Tsvangirai repeatedly asked him to reform. His refusal to be buried at Heroes Acre demeans the place and vindicates the opposition that has always said this is a Zanu PF shrine

However, it must be remembered that burial at the Heroes’ Acre was never supposed to be a personal decision. It was in principle supposed to be a national decision made to appreciate the efforts of people during the liberation struggle. The Heroes’ Acre is also more than a burial place. It is a monument, a story and a history. If only to stop Mugabe from further manipulating and bending history to suit his personal whims, he must be ignored.




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