Who Is Your Worst Person Of The Year - See How Twimbos Responded

4 years agoSun, 29 Dec 2019 10:56:38 GMT
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Who Is Your Worst Person Of The Year - See How Twimbos Responded

Zenzele Ndebele asked Twimbos to name their worst person of the year and the reason why they are the worst person. Here is how Twimbos responded.

  1. No one is perfect. But we have murderers, killers, looters, destroyers We also have cheerleaders and Enablers Then we have the victims. We are all bad, but some are WORST
  2. Busisa Moyo Hear nothing See nothing I don’t know if he didn’t see the 5th Brigade killing people from his hood. Now he call them saints.
  3. @GutuObertfrom MDC Executive member, and is now singing Zanu pf hyms, choruses more than
    @ZANUPF_Official Politribro, central committee, women/youth leagues combined.
    Chiwenga, Mohadi, P Shiri , Chigumba, Mthuli Ncube, Matanga, Oppah, Matemadanda, Mangudya, Valerio Sibanda, Themba Mliswa, Obert Gutu, Rugeje, Owen Ncube, Charumbira, Trevor Ncube, Busisa Moyo, Shingi Munyeza, Ndabaningi, G Charamba,  Mutodi,  Kirsty Coventry,  Maridadi
    uMugabe. After destroying our kawntry, he gets checkmated and dies …aaah leaving us with criminals that where surrounding him.
  4. Matriplets
    @nickmangwana @Jamwanda2 (Goerge Charamba) @edmnangagwa
    After stealing elections they have failed to deliver one thing from their fake maifesto
    For them its propaganda, propaganda propaganda.
  5. It has to be@MthuliNcube He came in bread Rtgs 1 now bread is Rtgs18-25
  6. It’s battle between Mutodi, Mthuli and Mangwana, but I will have to give it to Ruka!
  7. Mnangagwa Economic collapse and citizens brutality and slaining
  8. Tough one Trevor ncube, shingie munyeza, busisa… Linda masarira.. Nicky mangwana.
  9. Emmerson Mnangagwa!! He has spearheaded the pauperisation of zimbos who were better off under RG
  10. Mary chiwenga she failed such a simple task… Nxa!
  11. Nelson Chamisa. He has failed with all his lies.
  12. I think your questions are too obvious. We all know very well who are the worst persons. It’s there for all to see….
  13. Energy Mutodi Why because it’s Energy Mutodi
  14. Any one who wears a scar
  15. @GutuObert I thot dzine ma principles
  16. Mthuli Ncube, He knows what to be done but Hes told what to do. Hes not using His education to what’s intended to, you can’t run world institutions and tell us you failing to run a small country like Zimbabwe. When He took over He promised the Rand. But then the Army Mafia told Him kulawula thins lana, ufuna sidle kuphi. They have manipulated Him and toyed with Him these days since the introduction of Zim dollar you can think He resigned yet hyper inflation idlana uboya.
  17. Don’t know who grabs the first spot between George Charamba, Energy Mutodi, Mthuli Ncube and Busisa Moyo. Over-inflated egos
  18. Genarari – reason :For letting his fellow friends after the coup. 1.Rugeje 2.4 brigades eg Sanyatwa
  20. Edmand Kudzayi He promised us a corrected video of excelgate and that was that
  21. Nelson chamisa ungidumazile lonyaka, uyikokheli engelaqiniso.
  22. The list is long from Chiwenga to ED to Obert Gutu, Linda, Khupe,Mthuli. I can’t make up my mind
  23. That’s very very obvious Actually, it’s 3 of them who were EQUALLY the worst contributors to Violations of BASIC Human Rights in Zimbabwe EMMERSON MNANGAGWA MTHULI NCUBE OBEDIAH MOYO
  24. All the enablers of the current regime. @nickmangwana @GutuObertmadam Khuphe, Linda masarira,
    @TembaMliswa etc and the rest of all the enablers of our suffering.
  25. Mthuli Ncube.. His policies are anti~people…. He makes policies to appease the IMF and the World Bank.. Yet he knows no funding will ever come from them considering the human rights situation in the country..
  26. ED Mnangagwa = bad Governance Chiwenga = abuse of Power ZANU-PF enablers = Corruption and Bootlicking Robert Mugabe = died with the secret of rigging elections. Mangudya = destroying peoples money
  27. Ed, chiwenga, army ,police, all ministers , Polad gang , Dr tax’s , Nick Mangwana and mai Munangagwa
  28. @ObertGutu. I suspect there is a crime he committed and he wants zanu pf protection when all hell breaks loose
  29. From my analysis here the race is between ED and Busisa, but I don’t really understand what @Busisa74
    did wrong
  30. @edmnangagwa @nelsonchamisa they had the power to turn around Zimbabwe but ego and the prospect of losing looting opportunities for some people got in the way of our salvation

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