FULL THREAD: Some Of Zimbabwe' Leaders Need Healing From PTSD - OPINION

4 years agoSun, 05 Jan 2020 07:30:54 GMT
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FULL THREAD: Some Of Zimbabwe' Leaders Need Healing From PTSD - OPINION

A political commentator using the Twitter handle @denvern3 says Zimbabwe needs to stop and heal as some of its leaders are suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

He further called for a change of mindset on the part of those who took part in the war of independence as most of them still have a “bush mentality”. They lack ideas on how to end poverty, respect for human rights and building the country’s economy. Below is the full thread:

Zimbabwe needs to stop and heal. After 1980 some were catapulted from the field to the office but the mind remained in the bush. They can’t operate in a formal environment because their minds are still on the battlefield. They look at everything from a war perspective.

The State architecture has not evolved beyond wartime Rhodesia. This puts a disproportionate emphasis on security over things such as poverty, human rights, economy etc. Everything is viewed by the State in terms of enemies and foes. Our democracy will not have a chance.

The State is still at war, from time to time it will create enemies that need to be targeted with the full might of the security apparatus. People criticize Gvt on Twitter they send Varakashi, people demonstrate they kill, maim, torture and abduct.

Usanetseke neNetOne airtime.

Baya *405# utenge neEcoCash

Those who dare support other political parties are quickly deemed eligible for elimination. For those in power to enjoy the fruits of the struggle, they must give democracy a chance and get rehabilitated into society.

As long as we don’t mend this PTSD our State will continue to wage war with its citizens. In securocratic states, there is a need for a threat at every given time. This is why they always mention ‘Western-sponsored’, saboteurs, detractors etc. In such States, truth is a casualty.

For directors and personnel in the security apparatus to remain relevant they have to make sure they are seen to be “fighting” the enemy. This leads to a lot of half baked intelligence and exaggerated mistruths which in the end become the priority over human development.

Our leaders need to know that the war is over, what they should wage war against is poverty and hunger. They should fight to leave a legacy that bestows dignity and honour to us, we are their family, we are their people. It is for us that they must labour to serve & not subdue.

… Many [young people] are being recruited to think like that, even those who never fought the war try to concoct a borrowed hangover from their elders.

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