FULL TEXT: EFF Zimbabwe World Press Day Statement

3 years agoSun, 03 May 2020 18:59:16 GMT
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FULL TEXT: EFF Zimbabwe World Press Day Statement

Economic Freedom Fighters Zimbabwe celebrates World Press Freedom Day, a day in which the media raises awareness regarding the importance of the press.

This year’s theme “Journalism without fear and favour” reminds the world of the importance of freedom of the press. EFF Zimbabwe, however, believes that press freedom is yet to be attained in Zimbabwe and continentally.

The Zimbabwean government has an obligation to protect the rights and freedoms of the press yet press continues to be victimized simply for daring to report the truth.

Privately owned media does not report freely as it is constantly under attack, harassed and accused of being western projects by the country’s partisan security sectors.

We recognize the fearless journalists who toil every day often at great risk to their lives. Freedom of expression has been under attack through criminal violence and impunity.

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EFF Zimbabwe is of the view that for society to be stable and successful Zimbabwean citizens and Africans, in particular, should be afforded an opportunity to access information freely in order to be able to hold their governments to account.

In undertaking, it is the hope of EFF Zimbabwe that the media continues to play an important role in monitoring the society and government.

The government must introduce new media tools that will help empower citizens to exercise their freedoms of speech and association for the betterment of the country.

Today we acknowledge the active role that journalists partake in strengthening representative governance around the continent and the world and we say kudos to the unflinching, unshrinking spirited journos who have given their lives in fearless pursuit of the truth.



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