"It's Immoral And Unjust," Magaisa Speaks On "Govt Assuming Debts Of Financially-Sound Individuals"

3 years agoSat, 18 Jul 2020 15:01:10 GMT
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"It's Immoral And Unjust," Magaisa Speaks On "Govt Assuming Debts Of Financially-Sound Individuals"

Alex Tawanda Magaisa, the former Chief of Staff in the office of Zimbabwe’s late former Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, has criticised the alleged government’s decision to assume debts of the haves.

He was responding to social media posts by Norton legislator (independent), Temba Mliswa, who was questioning Magaisa’s motive for “targeting” those whose debts assumed by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ). Mliswa had said:

This was an Act of 2015, it’s not a secret, why bring it up now? The best advice I can give you is for you not to backbench when Govt offers are being made. Downsizing is coming soon, make an application &become a beneficiary to contribute to the country’s economy, anyone can

Debt assumption means Govt took over the debts, it may be likened to subsidies etc to galvanise the agricultural sector. I’m a proud beneficiary of the land reform programme as are many others. Why be selective about the names you publish & why blame the beneficiaries?
If Govt assumed the debts, where should they be paid? It’s not an uncommon facility, Govts implement such schemes the world over as a means to increase production. As I asked before, come clean @Wamagaisa what is your motive?

In response, Magaisa said Mliswa had missed the point that when it is said the government has assumed debts, it means the taxpayers are paying those debts. He said:

The very idea of government assuming debts of able-bodied and financially-sound individuals or who present themselves as such is immoral & unjustified. Why should poor taxpayers fund the lifestyles of other individuals? That you don’t see a problem with it is a big concern.

Usanetseke neNetOne airtime.

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He added that his motive is to uphold the Constitution of Zimbabwe and not character assassination. Magaisa reminded Mliswa of the principles and core values of good governance which include transparency and accountability.

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