Split Electricity Meters Help Landlords, Tenants End Zesa Squabbles

3 years agoThu, 17 Sep 2020 16:48:40 GMT
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Split Electricity Meters Help Landlords, Tenants End Zesa Squabbles

Sponsored Post The use of split electricity meters in Zimbabwe has helped landlords, tenants solve the problem of the unfair user of Zesa power. Before split meters, landlords and tenants would find themselves in situations where one party feels they are being made to pay for power consumed by the other.

Prepaid-split electricity meters ensure that tenants pay for their power separately and only use the power they have paid for.

One supplier of split electricity meters, Power Electricity Prepaid Split Meters, has said that the split meters have done away with a major headache for people that use common meters. Said he company’s representative Herbet Chibhememe:

Our customers were having headaches with this issue of sharing electricity in residential areas and even industrial areas. Some home users who purchased the split meters were in a situation where the cost of power is shared equally between all residents.

Sometimes a landlord feels that a tenant is using too much power on things that are not necessary. Or it might be the tenant in a cottage who feels that they are being unfairly burdened by the use of a geyser in the main house.

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In the case of our customers who are in business, split meters solved major squabbles. Imagine where 20 tenants share a building that has one Zesa electricity meter. The tenants would be consuming power differently – some using it for welding, some for makings clothes and some for printing flyers – and yet they all share the same meter and pay equally. You can imagine the impact of split meters in such a scenario.

The situations are varied, but basically, these meters help you separate your usage so that no one has to pay for someone else’s consumption. This is important given electricity is now quite expensive.

Power Electricity Prepaid Split Meters can be contacted WhatsApp number +263 777 556 864 or +263 779 136 276.



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