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Gringo's Family Fight Over Properties Left By The Comedian

3 years agoSat, 12 Dec 2020 15:16:53 GMT
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Gringo's Family Fight Over Properties Left By The Comedian

The family of the late comedian Gringo (real name Lazarus Boora) is reportedly fighting over the late comedian’s belonging since his demise on 9 November 2020, The Herald reports.

Gringo left behind 7 children and his wife, the one he had been staying with Netsai Meki and there are reports from insiders that Gringo’s wife is fighting with other family members who include Gringo’s eldest son Taurai. The family is reportedly fighting over the property that belonged to the comedian which includes a car and a mobile phone which Gringo reportedly used for Ecocash Services.

Speaking to the publication, Gringo’s widow said:

To be frank with you, the dispute started the day after my husband died.

It started with some family members who were now avoiding me, hiding me from the press and other well-wishers, maybe they thought since I was grieving I would end up opening a can of worms.

Usanetseke neNetOne airtime.

Baya *405# utenge neEcoCash

If you recall well, I was with Gringo until the time of his death. His son took over the funeral proceedings at Zimre Park. I have no problem with that, but it seems I was left out of the decision making process.

Meki said she was asked to pay for Gringo’s friends to travel to Nyazura for his funeral and at the time she didn’t even know where the phone was. She said people think she is after Gringo’s money which is not true:

So, the other family members think I am after his property. I met Gringo and he had nothing, we struggled together. He bought his own car, a Mazda 626, which he gladly gave to his son Taurai while he still alive. Now I hear Taurai wants to sell the car because he wants Gringo’s Isuzu KB 250.

The family members, including Taurai, think Gringo had several cars. The Isuzu KB 250 they want does not belong to him. The car is in his boss’ name. He acquired it at work and had negotiations with his former boss at AB Petroleum, where he worked then, as they could not pay him monthly.

So, he was given half his salary and was the car to use for hiring services to get his money back. I do not know what will happen after today, maybe the owner will come and take his car or give it to us for good.

But I am not letting that car go to Taurai because that is what I want to use for his children. They need school fees and food.

When Contacted for comment Gringo’s son Taurai said he was in good books with his father’s wife. However a source that spoke to the publication and said Taurai is being used by the other family members to wreck havoc:

Some do not want Meki to get a share of Gringo’s little wealth.

Taurai is being used by other children and their mothers. He is only the mouth-piece. Let us wait and see what happens today and who gets what, but it is an interesting story.

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