OPINION: Given The Recent Junta Project To Decimate The MDC, The Chamisa VP Appointment By Tsvangirai Was A Neccessary Evil

3 years agoMon, 28 Dec 2020 10:52:03 GMT
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OPINION: Given The Recent Junta Project To Decimate The MDC, The Chamisa VP  Appointment By Tsvangirai Was A Neccessary Evil

Laque Davis has opined that the appointment of Nelson Chamisa to be the party’s Vice President in 2016 was a necessary evil given what he called the junta’s project to decimate the MDC.

Below is the full thread by Laque who also opined that there is a chance the Khupe led MDC T will split:

This is quite sad In the context of how @mdczimbabwe was decimated through this junta project, all in the name of #democracy, #constitutionalism & #protecting the legacy of MT, who simply should be allowed to rest peacefully for he has no more role in the land of the living

If the end has ever justified the means, then the “illegality” of appointing @nelsonchamisa as VP & heir apparent, (with Mudzuri as some buffer) was a necessary evil.

With all his well-documented misgivings, Nero leads the only significant, authentic & united MDC faction. I bullishly put my head on the chopping board through the prediction attached below

Usanetseke neNetOne airtime.

Baya *405# utenge neEcoCash


  1. a) the MDC-T EOC wasn’t likely to be held this year
  2. b) it would be chaotic in the event that it was

Even sarcastically threatened to post my nudes (@M_Jay94) 

Interestingly, an excitable @DMwonzora early on exonerated @mdczimbabwe  by thanking them for distancing themselves from the HICC event

What this then means is that all the chaos that ensued can not be linked to @nelsonchamisa, as per Douglas’s poor chance at a jibe.

As for Dr Khupe…although she will most certainly have the last laugh…she miscalculated gravely. Many moons ago, I questioned the wisdom behind abandoning her own MDC-T faction, choosing to side with the double trouble that is Mwonzora & Komichi. She dug her own grave

But more importantly, before about an hour ago, she was going out of her way rubbishing claims that money was misappropriated, more so by Tsikamutanda. In an embarrassing somersault, she thundered “…they are using the money they stole to rig this election..”What money now

She openly pointed fingers at DM, accusing him of masterminding the heist she claims transpired this evening. But perhaps she was keeping this as her joker card.More so after phoning the wrong @adv_fulcrum. What business does ED’s Tabani have with her & her party Congress?

Here is what’s likely to happen. Mwonzora was poised to win this shambolic poll. DM’s backers will politically resist attempts to have it nullified. Dr Khupe will successfully have this result set aside. DM’s faction will start experiencing the wrath of State systems….

The MDC-T will split. Before this formally happens, the allegations against DM will resurface The results will be successfully nullified & Mwonzora will be arrested & suspended, both for “the rigging” & the alleged stolen funds. Khupe will eventually win at some 2021 EOC

I paused a bit and refreshed my twitter feed. Apparently,Dr Khupe has already “suspended Mwonzora”…& she has the backing of Baba Abrahama. Sekuru Mudzuri left HICC much earlier

So it’s now Zanu-Khupe-Komichi-Mudzuri vs Mwonzora. The latter’s backers should be very worried.

Again, Sr Khupe has promised to pursue the issue concerning the stolen money. She will do this with a straight face regardless of how she exonerated Mwonzora earlier today. It doesn’t matter whether she has any case or not It’s politics & her victory matters to the State.

It is also quite ironic, that the same @ShakespeareMuk1 who DM & Khupe accused of attempting to burn them in a hut, at the instigation of @nelsonchamisa (never mind that no report was made), was again at the center of MDC-T skirmishes today. Indeed a festive of absurdities.

Has @nelsonchamisa been vindicated? Whose violent mobs were calling Dr Khupe “hure”?

I’m not in any party structures 2 play petty party politics as I tweet these boring threads,I don’t feel smart Can you claim to be wise for predicting mud after some heavy rains? enkosi!

Douglas Mwonzora won the party Presidency against Khupe yesterday and both parties have not issued a statement on the way forward.

Source: Laque Davis Twitter



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