Twimbos React To An Unidentified Person Smacking Khupe

3 years agoMon, 28 Dec 2020 09:05:16 GMT
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Twimbos React To An Unidentified Person Smacking Khupe

Twimbos have reacted to a video of an unidentified person smacking the MDC T interim leader Thokozani Khupe who was being escorted out of the HICC main auditorium when someone smacked her. A lot of people expressed concern and said it was not right and some said the person must be identified and be arrested. Here are some of the responses to the incident: 


Chipo Dendere

It is unacceptable that Thokozani Khupe was physically assaulted. All male politicians should speak up and control their supporters.I Hundred points symbol disagree with every move Khupe has made. However, those who support democracy must always disagree respectfully. Violence =ZANU behavior

Fadzayi Mahere 

Usanetseke neNetOne airtime.

Baya *405# utenge neEcoCash

t’s undeniable that yesterday was a political farce of unimaginable proportions. Zanu PF has failed to destroy the MDC Alliance. Yet even though Madam Khupe is on the wrong side of history, her party members had no right to beat her & call her “hure”. #NoToViolence

Siphosami Malunga 

It’s been a long day for me with too much happening. I’ve followed the MDC-T congress & won’t say much now. BUT I’m appalled at the reported physical & verbal violence against 

@DrThoko_Khupe. It’s unacceptable & nauseating. Violence esp vs women is the scourge of politics & society.

David Colart 

I completely agree Sipho. The verbal and physical assault of Thoko Khupe is unacceptable and should be universally condemned. Whatever one thinks of the political shenanigans this should never happen.

Kundayi Masekesa

I strongly condemn the alleged assault of Madam @DrThoko_Khupe at e MDC T EOC yesterday.Violence,name calling and character assasination has no place in our politics or our societies.People shld learn to be tolerant to each other. #Notoviolence


Two things folks: 

  1. @DrThoko_Khupe  can’t arbitrarily stand up and just stay she is calling off an ongoing legitimate elective #EOC. It’s not her dinner she can shift willy nilly. She has no such authority, worse as a contestant.
  2. Insulting her was disgraceful.

Hopewell Chin’ono

Some of my followers have said that they missed the moment when 


 was slapped by thugs supporting her fellow puppet 


Here is the video with the moment when the violent slap happened

All forms of violence should be condemned whether done to a puppet or not


Thabisa Sibanda 

Dear @PoliceZimbabwe

. Please arrest the monster that assaulted 

@DrThoko_Khupe  during the MDCT EOC last night. We say no to violence against women.


Agreed – NO to political violence. I don’t no why violent behaviour against Dr Khupe as not resulted in arrests, striating with MRT’s burial, the Bulawayo meeting and now this?


This is so true we can’t romanticize injustice on the base of one’s liking of the other, she is a person who deserves to be respected and held in a dignified way in society dispite her wrongs #NoToViolence


Zim politics is less accommodating to women,it is very harsh& when women are treated unfairly,called names &all manner of violence unleashed on them,it is turned into a JOKE! Sincerely what happened to Madam Khuphe yesterday must be condemned by all progressive Zimbos! #Violence

King Fatsoe Jrn

Today its her tomorrow it maybe you or me #notoviolence

Tinotenda Ureke

Everyone has their way of grieving, and that Sis Fadzy is how Zimbabwe is now grieving. If @mdczimbabwe is not quick to bring hope and the change that we want, violence may end up being the daily bread.  #NoToViolence

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