MDC-T Commemorates International Workers' Day

2 years agoSat, 01 May 2021 15:51:39 GMT
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MDC-T Commemorates International Workers' Day

Statement by MDC-T Secretary Information and Publicity Witness Dube in celebration of International Workers’ Day.

Fellow Zimbabweans, we join the world and the nation in commemorating this great day dedicated to recognizing the working community.

We want to take this opportunity to salute the few Zimbabweans that still remain in formal work in whatever little is still left of our once-thriving industry.

The hard work, resilience and commitment of our civil servants against a background of meagre salaries and little recognition are quite commendable.

The huge sacrifices that those working formally and informally make every day to look after their families and keep what is left of our economy ticking are also worth a special salute.

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The efforts of millions of informal traders and vendors now eking out an honest living on the pavements of our streets, will also not go unnoticed.

Every breadwinner, who is working hard to feed their families is worth being called a hero today.

This message is incomplete if we fail to recognize those of our countrymen and women in the Diaspora working hard to send a dime for the upkeep of the families back home.

We believe that there are no responsibilities without rights.

The MDC-T and its leaders want to assure you that you will one day be granted your right to vote.

As we commemorate this day, let us spare a thought on the sad national predicament of our jobless sons and daughters in and around our own homes; the unemployed University graduates who cannot find a job in the country of their birth and are looking at the slightest opportunity to leave the country.

Fellow Zimbabweans, we can only be able to fight unemployment, poverty and inequalities if we put our differences aside and sit down together to find lasting solutions which can extricate our country from its parlous predicament.

It is upon us as Zimbabweans to put our country first ahead of our personal self-aggrandizing interests.

Together we can make Zimbabwe great again.

May God bless all workers in Zimbabwe on this workers’ day.



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