Zaka 2008 Election Terror Leader Dies

3 years agoSat, 01 May 2021 09:00:29 GMT
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Zaka 2008 Election Terror Leader Dies

Zaka villagers are not happy that a Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) colonel, Christopher Rufu Mayoyo, who led a murderous terror campaign against MDC supporters in the district during the run-up to the June 2008 run-off election, died without facing justice.

Mayoyo died last Friday and was declared a liberation war hero. He was buried at his Jatala Farm on Tuesday this week.

Mayoyo’s alleged brutality left more than 10 people dead and dozens of others injured, some of them maimed for life.

He was in charge of a military “death squad” in Zaka which led a violent campaign after Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF lost the 2008 general election to the opposition MDC in the first round of polling in March that year.

Former Zaka West legislator Festus Dumbu told The NewsHawks that it is tragic that Mayoyo died a free man after his terror campaigned claimed innocent lives. Said Dumbu:

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As the people of Zaka, we are not sorry about the death of Mayoyo who caused terror in our area in 2008.

We lost many people and it is not a secret that Mayoyo was the leader of army officers who were operating here and you even know that these guys were based at Ferry Training Centre and their operations led to the death of many people as well as the displacement of tens of people.

Seeing this man dying before facing justice is unfair to us. We have no kind words for his fate and it will take more than three generations of people in our area to forgive even the family which he left behind.

The MDC Alliance councillor for Ward 19 in Zaka, Peter Imbayarwo, told The NewsHawks that it is difficult for the people of Zaka to mourn someone who caused untold suffering in the district. Said Imbayarwo:

Mayoyo was the leader of terror here in the district. The guys were driving Mitsubishi, Mahindra or Cam vehicles without number plates and they addressed several meetings threatening people with death.

All Zanu PF bases reported to Mayoyo. Go and ask people from Zaka, they will tell you that all those who lost their lives were taken from bases by the vehicles which l told you.

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