Beifa Investments Defends Its Activities In Dinde, Hwange

2 years agoSun, 02 May 2021 12:03:04 GMT
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Beifa Investments Defends Its Activities In Dinde, Hwange

Statement by Beifa Investments (Pvt) Ltd on its coal exploration activities in the Dinde area in Hwange, Matabeleland North Province.

The directors of Beifa Investments (Pvt) Ltd have noted with great concern and disbelief a series of seriously misleading and highly defamatory publications by certain individuals, media houses and organisations regarding Beifa Investments (Pvt) Ltd’s involvement in the Dinde area of Hwange.

In the articles circulating on print and social media, there are claims that Beifa Investments (Pvt) Ltd is disrespecting the Dinde Community by sinking or drilling holes on the gravesite and that Beifa Investments is proceeding with exploration against the will of the Dinde Community.

Also, in some publications, there are insinuations that the Dinde Community is about to face expulsion from their ancestral homes and their lives are being disrupted by the exploration being conducted by Beifa Investments (Pvt) Ltd.

To set the record straight, the Directors of Beifa Investments (Pvt) Ltd wish to inform members of the public and in particular the Dinde Community as follows;

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  • Beifa Investments (Pvt) Ltd is a company registered in terms of the laws of Zimbabwe;
  • Beifa Investments (Pvt) Ltd is the legitimate holder of a Special Grant No. 7712 issued on 17 January 2020 and a valid Environmental Assessment Impact Certificate in relation to exploration or prospecting.
  • All the paperwork done by Beifa Investments (Pvt) Ltd is above board and the company is in strict adherence with the law;
  • Beifa Investments (Pvt) Ltd has not evicted or shown any intention to evict anyone within the Dinde Community.
  • Beifa Investments (Pvt) Ltd appreciates the symbiotic relationship between Zimbabwe and China and is committed to complementing Government efforts in reaching a Middle Income Economy by 2030.
  • Beifa Investments (Pvt) Ltd respects the customs and values of the communities it operates in and it has never been the company’s desire to unsettle or violate such customs and values;
  • Beifa Investments (Pvt) Ltd categorically denies ever desecrating any graves in the Dinde Community as alleged or at all. We note that some sections of the media posted some images of holes drilled near graves. We wish to point out that the company did not sanction the drilling of any holes. As such if there are any holes on the gravesite that would be the work of other people unknown to the company. The Directors of Beifa Investments (Pvt) Ltd will challenge the relevant authorities to investigate this position. In any case, the company’s drilling site is nowhere near the gravesite;
  • There is also an image circulating in social media where it is alleged an employee of Beifa Investments (Pvt) Ltd was having a meeting with one of the local people. The image insinuates that the company is involved in corrupt activities. Beifa Investments (Pvt) Ltd denies knowledge of the purported Chinese national appearing in the image;
  • We note that there are some unfortunate attempts to drag our company into perceived political shenanigans. We reiterate that we are in Zimbabwe for legitimate business, we are absolutely not involved in any politics of whatsoever nature;
  • Members of the public and in particular the Dinde Community must ignore the contents of articles and publications circulating in the social media from sources other than those that represent Beifa Investments (Pvt) Ltd. Members of the public who may need any information on this matter are free to approach the company officials and they will get the relevant information in terms of the law;
  • In our endeavour to complement Government efforts in positively impacting the lives of its people, it is our vision as a company, to create employment for people in all the communities that we work in; including the Dinde Community;
  • Our commitment to work for the benefit of the people of Zimbabwe is beyond doubt. This project is of national importance. It shall go a long way in alleviating the country’s power challenges;
  • As we continue with our legal ethical and legitimate operations we stand ready to engage and co-operate with all progressive people and organisations to ensure that our operations remain within the confines of the law of the land.

Zhou Zheng Qiao
(Project Manager)



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