'MDC Defectors Irrelevant, Add No Value To ZANU PF'

1 year agoTue, 15 Mar 2022 17:57:50 GMT
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'MDC Defectors Irrelevant, Add No Value To ZANU PF'

Political commentators have said ZANU PF will not benefit from parading former MDC officials as the defectors have been rejected by the opposition party and as such are of no value to the ruling party.

ZANU PF has been parading MDC defectors at its campaign rallies, using them as “political trophies” and urging opposition supporters to also join the ruling party.

MDC senior officials who defected to ZANU PF in recent years include Obert Gutu, a former MDC national spokesperson, Tracy Mutinhiri, Tongai Matutu, Blessing Chebundo and Lilian Timveous, among others.

Political commentator Davidson Mugodzwa opined that ZANU PF is using the same old tricks that will not work as the defectors are spent forces. Said Mugodzwa:

ZANU PF is using old tricks, members relegated from formerly MDC now resurfacing at campaign trails will not work any wonders for ZANU PF.

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These recycled politicians like Tracy Mutinhiri, Tongai Matutu have already been rejected in their own political backyards, suddenly they cannot be expected to achieve miracles in ZANU PF.

These same politicians are really a spent force now masquerading as revolutionaries. No one will be hoodwinked to vote for them whatever colour they now cling to.

Another political analyst Wellington Gadzikwa agreed with Mugodzwa and said the defectors have no political capital as individuals. He said:

I doubt if it works because these defectors have no traction. They are mainly speaking to the already converted unless there are some ZANU PF supporters who may be feared that they will join the opposition.

These defectors were only relevant within the brand of the opposition as Zimbabwean politics is party based rather than issue based.

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