"Don't Say Things Are Tough", Mangudya Chides Zimbabweans For "Negativity"

1 year agoSat, 04 Jun 2022 14:46:50 GMT
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"Don't Say Things Are Tough", Mangudya Chides Zimbabweans For "Negativity"

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Governor, John Mangudya, has criticised Zimbabweans for complaining about the country’s seemingly unending economic challenges saying they should look on the bright side of life.

Speaking during discussions at the Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe annual conference in Victoria Falls on Friday, Mangudya people should stop saying “zvakaoma” (things are tough) as there are people who are experiencing worse problems than those being experienced in Zimbabwe. He said:

The problem with Zimbabweans is that we always wish ourselves bad. When you listen to conversations, you just hear people saying “zvakaoma” (things are tough). There is nowhere in the world where it is easy.

Just this other day, (US) President (Joe) Biden was concerned over shortages of infant formula in his country.

President Biden invoked the Defence Production Act to address the shortages of infant formula.

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The Defence Production Act that President Biden operationalised requires suppliers of formula and manufacturers to fulfil orders from local companies before other customers.

Zimbabwe is experiencing rising prices of fuel, bread, sugar, and transport among other necessities while salaries, particularly those of civil servants, have remained stagnant.

But Mangudya believes the hardships should not make people sulky and moody. He said:

The power of negativity is weighing down positivity. We need to be positive. As long as I live, I am positive.

I thank the Lord for the gift of life. Why are we destroying our economy?

Mangudya asserted that Zimbabwe will not fully dollarise, adding that people who are sabotaging the Zimbabwe dollar are “witches’. He said:

As Zimbabwe, we are on our own and we cannot go the full dollarisation route. If you were dreaming of full dollarisation in Zimbabwe, that must stop.

Let us stop speculative attacks on our currency. People who engage in speculative attacks on our currency are the same as witches.

The local currency is losing value rapidly against the US dollar even on the weekly RBZ forex auction.

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