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Plot Mhako Reiterates Tinashe Mutarisi "Almost Robbed The Whole Genre"

1 year agoSat, 29 Oct 2022 05:59:26 GMT
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Plot Mhako Reiterates Tinashe Mutarisi "Almost Robbed The Whole Genre"

Earground founder, Plot Mhako has said he would not take advice from Tunashe Mutarisi, Nash Paints founder, considering that he previously “almost robbed” Zimdancehall. Mutarisi suggested that Zimdancehall artists should be content where they are considering where they came from. In response, Mhako said artists should not be content with “mediocre” no matter where they came from. In a social media post seen by Pindula News, Mhako said:

Mr Mutarisi I know your recent post is directed at me (after my DENNY J SHOW appearance) I will respond below.

I will not take word from someone who almost robbed the whole genre. Remember the NashTV contracts that wanted to take all the music rights from artists performing on their platform? If I had not brought it out and put them to task these same artists they purport to love wouldn’t own the rights to their music. This talk that we should be ok with mediocre & that these artists are ok with low achievements because they come from poverty is mischievous and self-defeating. So what if they came from a place of nothing, is it wrong for them to then desire way more and dream to be world stars. I know where they have been and I know their stories, I also know about their dreams and aspirations to be super stars on the world stage. It will not come easy and a lot will need to be changed for their art to become viable businesses!!

Their Mindset needs to change, their attitude towards their art and craft needs to shift and they need to do better. Your brand Nash Paints we have seen its growth, you have expanded and have so many branches nationwide and you have also even crossed the boarders to Zambia etc.

SO WHY Mr Mutarisi wouldn’t you want the same for our artists?? Haven’t you had to improve how you run your business, have you not made some changes and adjustments to how you operate for you to get better? Why murikuda kuramba muchida kubhabhadzira ma artists muchivasimbisa zvakafa.? Fact is Genre needs to put in more work and do better. I am not playing Messiah here. These artists have dreams and desires to be better and take their dreams global, ask them. I have had conversations with most of them and many of them are actually in my inbox agreeing with me. You basically just said these artists shouldn’t have ambition and aim for better because since they can afford the bare minimum they should be ok. That’s not fair and I hope one day people will understand and see that my heart is pure and that I mean well. The music industry is a dog eat dog and we see it everyday in our local space where players only want to compete and to be seen as the Mbinga Messiah who is doing the most.

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