Zimbabwe Plans To Export 15 Million Cubic Litres Of Water To SA

3 months agoMon, 19 Feb 2024 07:26:26 GMT
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Zimbabwe Plans To Export 15 Million Cubic Litres Of Water To SA

The Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development Anxious Masuka has reiterated the Government’s plans to sell water to South Africa, with an initial 15 million cubic litres set to be piped every month to Musina.

The pipeline is set to be constructed from Beitbridge’s massive Zhovhe Dam.

According to The Independent, Zhovhe Dam is the country’s 11th largest dam with a capacity of 133 million cubic litres.

Water is reportedly being released from the dam to recharge an alluvial aquifer in the lower Mzingwane River where water is abstracted from boreholes and well-points in the river and on the banks to feed a few but large commercial farms under citrus production. Said Masuka:

Zhovhe Dam is idle and not making any sense to villagers who should have plots under irrigation.

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We must build that pipeline and we have identified 4 000 hectares of irrigable land. Some of the water will be exported to Musina.

We will soon meet with our South African counterparts to discuss the stages of the deal. Initially we will supply 15 million cubic litres of water.

We will also open up land for irrigation in Beitbridge where communal farmers are expected to benefit from the Zhovhe.

There are 4 000 ha of land we expect communal farmers to put under crops.

Masuka was addressing provincial ministers from some of the country’s 10 provinces he hosted to appeal for their support and management of agricultural projects.

South Africa already imports water from Lesotho, a tiny mountainous kingdom that has a large amount of water.

South Africa has a water deficit, particularly in Johannesburg which is located in the rain shadow of the Highlands.

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