Shadaya Sends SOS To ZRP, Claims He's Getting Threats On His Life

1 month agoFri, 29 Mar 2024 06:41:09 GMT
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Shadaya Sends SOS To ZRP, Claims He's Getting Threats On His Life

Tawona Shadaya Knight, a prominent Zimbabwean social media personality and self-proclaimed anti-feminist, who has made waves with his controversial views on masculinity and gender roles, says his life is in danger.

Shadaya has pleaded with the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) to investigate what he said are threats to his life.

Posting on his X page, Shadaya said he and his family have been receiving constant threats over the past week.

Initially dismissing them as pranks, he became alarmed when friends and family reported unidentified individuals inquiring about his routine and location. The threats have escalated to the point where he is now considered “wanted”. He wrote:

[Zimbabwe Republic Police] I greatly require your assistance. Normally I wouldn’t bring such issues out on public platforms as they can be misinterpreted, but I have no other option. I have been getting constant threats on my life and family as well for the past week.

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I ignored it initially as pranks but when I started getting messages from family and friends about unidentified people asking about my routine, location and other information, I had to take it seriously

My family and friends are very worried about my safety, constantly getting messages and even in-person threats that “I’m wanted”.

To my knowledge I have not committed any crime, nor have I even said anything that can be regarded as a crime. Unless talking about societal issues is a crime

And if I’m wanted for anything shouldn’t I be called to report to any police station? I would gladly do so because I have nothing to hide

Just like everyone else regardless if one agrees or not with my opinions on societal issues, I shouldn’t have to live in fear, always looking at my back, sleeping with one eye open, because of unidentified men looking for me.

Your assistance in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Shadaya Knight recently found himself in the spotlight due to a vehicular snub from Wicknell Chivayo, the free-spending controversial businessman linked to ZANU PF.

Chivayo said that he did not gift Shadaya a car despite the latter’s “legendary” status. He said Shadaya’s abrasive nature towards women influenced his choice. Chivayo wrote on one of his Instagram stories:

Hanzi na Shadaya LEARN OR PERISH … Chiya chinonzi Shadaya chibaba. Dai asingazo nyanya kuzotuka MADZIMAI kana AQUA anga aine kodzero yekupihwa… He’s a LEGEND in his own right.

In a thinly veiled rebuke, Shadaya posted an emoji of a car alongside a person throwing something into a trash can.

Shadaya had previously mocked Seh Calaz after the latter seemingly begged for a car from Chivayo. Shadaya wrote at the time:

A man must have pride. And it is with that pride that a man will never beg another fellow man. It is that same pride that will tell a man not to depend on freebies or handouts.

Everything he gets, he earns it. In recent times, modern men have become weak and, they no longer have pride.

There’s this new trend of men being groupies, this culture of hanging around rich men, for some crumbs.

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