Charles Tarumbwa

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Brigadier-General Nathaniel Charles Tarumbwa is a Zimbabwean military lawyer. Tarumbwa allegedly owns half of a diamond firm's shares.


In 2006, the United Nations listed Tarumbwa as Judge Advocate General at the Ministry of Defence. In 2011, the International Committee of the Red Cross recorded his identity as a military lawyer at the Ministry of Defence. Tarumbwa played a role in a past attempt to set up a military-owned joint venture. He is also the company secretary for RussZim Mining, a company registered in 2006.[1]


Tarumbwa was reported as early as 2012 to be Anjin's company secretary and principal officer while he was a serving brigadier general.[2][1] He signed the agreement to form Anjin which is a joint venture between Afec, a large construction company allegedly connected to the military-industrial complex in China, and Matt Bronze Enterprises. Tarumbwa signed on behalf of Matt Bronze Enterprises which was formed by the Defence Ministry and the Zimbabwe Defence Forces through Glass Finish Investments (Pvt) Ltd. The joint venture was signed by Charles Tarumbwa for Matt Bronze (Pvt) Ltd and Peng Zheng on behalf of Anhui.[3]

Tarumbwa was the only Zimbabwean director listed as part of Anjin's directors. The rest were Chinese nationals. According to a company register seen by The Zimbabwe Independent in 2012, Anjin’s share capital was made up of US$2 000, consisting of 2 000 ordinary shares, which were shared equally between Tarumbwa and Peng.[1]

2008 Elections

Charles Tarumbwa was on the EU sanctions list because he was “directly involved in the terror campaign waged before and during the elections” in Manicaland and Mutare South. In April 2012 Tarumbwa filed an appeal against the European Commission, which was reviewed successfully. [4]

See Silent Coup in Zimbabwe 2008.


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