Chartered Governance And Accountancy Institute In Zimbabwe (CGI Zim)

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Chartered Governance And Accountancy Institute In Zimbabwe (CGI Zim) is a membership-driven organization providing skills development, knowledge, and experience to its members through an International Qualifying Programme and training.

CGI Zim was previously called Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators since its establishment in Zimbabwe on 1 January 1971 by the Chartered Secretaries Act. In 2021 it was changed to the new name CGI Zimbabwe.

CGI Zimbabwe Qualifications

Chartered Governance and Accountancy Institute in Zimbabwe

This is the flagship CGP Qualification. The CGP qualification, commonly known as CIS is the route to the Chartered Governance and Accountancy profession. The qualification has four stages:[1]

  • Pre-Professional,
  • Intermediate,
  • Professional Programme I and
  • Professional Programme II

Institute of Business and Accounting Studies (IBAS)

The Institute of Business and Accounting Studies (formerly the Foundation for Business Studies) was launched in 1980 in Zimbabwe. The aim is to bring practical business education within the reach of people who have attained a school leaving certificate.

The program also aims at creating an understanding of the business or administrative world. The successful student should be able to use it as an adequate foundation for a clerical or technician-level career. It is recognised as a route for exemptions to CGI’s qualifying scheme.

The Diploma consists of fifteen modules. To recognise progress towards attaining the Diploma, the Institute also, give an Intermediate Diploma in Business and Accounting Studies after one has passed the seven modules or subjects.

Diploma in Forensic Accounting (DFA)

The aim of this Diploma is to equip students with the knowledge of forensic accounting or auditing, forensic investigation and fraud risk management skills together with the corresponding detection and defence techniques. After completing the course, students are expected to have an in-depth understanding of how to conduct forensic auditing investigations, research, cyber-crime investigations and appropriate reporting. Students are expected to gain knowledge and be able to collect evidence that will be acceptable in a court of law.

The DFA program takes about one and half years to complete.

Public Sector Accounting (PSA)

The Institute revised its curricula for the CGP qualification to incorporate public sector financial management. The program was designed for senior public sector employees in the finance department in order to professionalise the public sector.

The accounting profession took due cognisance of the fact that there were finance personnel in the public sector who are already doing the job but not professionalised and those that need training or further training to qualify. Hence, CGI Zimbabwe was selected as one of the pilot PAOs to champion the accelerated Public Sector Capacity Building programme to capacitate the Public Sector with professional accountants.

Short courses

  • Board Members induction, training and workshops
  • Corporate strategy facilitation,
  • Finance for non-finance personnel,
  • Minute writing

Governance Risk and Compliance Diploma

This qualification helps students understand and analyse Governance, Risk and Compliance problems and apply solutions.

The diploma is delivered in collaboration with ICA and Deposit Protection Corporation.

CGI Zimbabwe Physical Address

Dzidzo House, 22-32 McChlery Avenue, Eastlea, Harare.


Tel: +263 2424 700 553-5


  1. CGI Zimbabwe Annual Report 2021, CGI Zim, Published: 2021, Accessed: 24 Jan 2023

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