Daramombe Secondary School

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Daramombe Secondary School
Mashonaland East
Gradesordinary and advanced level
Contact Details:
Tel: +263 212 6502

Daramombe Secondary School (Christ the King Daramombe) is an Anglican Church mission school in Chivhu, Chikomba District, Mashonaland East Province. The school offers ordinary and advanced level and has boarding facility.

Daramombe High School gate

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Address: Daramombe Hills Range, Ward 19 Chikomba, PO Box 199, Chivhu.
Telephone: 056 27402

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Daramombe was established in 1939 by missionaries from England, including Rev Tony Shaw. It was all boys. In 1955, the school added a teachers college portfolio within it.

Much of the school was destroyed by the liberation struggle in the '70s .The school lost much of its infrastructure as well as personnel that decided to join the armed struggle. In 1976, the school reopened and for the first time it opened its doors to female students. A new headmaster, Simon Mujuru, and brought the school to modern standards. It had a pass rate of about 30 percent and it was raised to 99.6 percent during his time. In 1994, under the Mujuru era, the school was electrified and science labs were established among other major developments. Daramombe was the first public school to introduce computer studies in Zimbabwe in 1995. In 2000, A levels were introduced. In December 2006, Mujuru left his post as the headmaster and was later promoted to the District Head for Chikomba District (DEO) around mid-2007.

Since Mujuru's departure the school has changed School heads numerous times. This constant change of school heads saw the school's standards deteriorate to an all-time low. As of 2013 the school's overall performance in the national examinations has been dismal. The Anglican Diocese of Masvingo accused Mujuru of frustrating headmasters recommended to him by the Diocese to portray the Church as failing to run the institution in order to influence government to take over the school. Much of the school's problems is attributed to property dispute that took place when the Anglican Church split.

In 2011, Anglican Bishop Nolbert Kunonga, who left the Church of the Province of Central Africa (CPCA) to form his own Anglican Church in Zimbabwe in 2007, took over the Daramombe Mission through a 2009 Supreme Court of Zimbabwe judgment. With the help of the deputy sheriff, Kunonga's camp evicted the mission’s clergy, teachers and nurses manning the institution's clinic. Those evicted were replaced by Kunonga's faithfuls from within the mission and also outsiders. Within days after taking over the mission, Kunonga appointed his new high school head, primary school head, priest in charge and head nurse.

Daramombe Mission was first under the Diocese of Harare before being gifted to the Diocese of Masvingo by the church in the early 2000s. Masvingo did not have a big institution like Daramombe. Kunonga's argument was that the decision to take the Mission to the Diocese of Masvingo was financially motivated, so when he has won 2009 Supreme Court of Zimbabwe judgment that allowed him to control the Diocese of Harare churches, he felt Daramombe had to be returned back to Harare, hence the dispute.

In November 2012, Kunonga ultimately lost the dispute between him and the CPCA Bishop Chad Gandiya at the Supreme Court. The high court threw out five separate appeals by Kunonga's Church of the Province of Zimbabwe leaving the court to determine the outstanding two decisive matters in his battle for control of Anglican church property. With this decision, the mission was surrendered back to the CPCA.

School Grounds

The school campus is in the middle of an approximately 1200ha of farmland.

Nine houses comprises the school:

  • Highlands (boys)
  • Midlands (boys)
  • Lowlands (boys)
  • Upper 6 Complex (boys)
  • New hostel (boys)
  • Convent (girls)
  • Female (girls)
  • Upper 6 Complex (girls)
  • New hostel (girls)

Students / Teachers / Courses

School activities at Daramombe are founded on four pillars: Academics, Sport, Christianity and Culture.
The school motto is ".....and some fell on rich soil " taken from the Parable of the Sower.


Founders Day, sports day, extra-curricular activities.


Notable alumni include:

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