Dorothy Mabika

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Dorothy Mabika

Dorothy Mabika is a Zimbabwean politician and member of Zanu-PF. On 13 February 2021, she was elected to the senatorial post left vacant following the passing on of Dr Ellen Gwaradzimba.


On 13 February 2021, Zanu PF Manicaland province elected Dorothy Mabika, to fill the senatorial post left vacant following the passing on of Dr Ellen Gwaradzimba.

Mabika won the election after garnering 66 votes, with Gertrude Mutandi who was a distant second getting 39 votes.

Other losing candidates included Happiness Nyakuedzwa, Irene Zindi, Judith Mawire and Sheila Mutsanhu. Patrick Chinamasa and Monica Mutsvangwa presided over the voting process where only female candidates were allowed participate in line with the quota system.[1]


Stocktheft Case

In 2013 Mabika pleaded not guilty when she appeared in court facing one count of stock-theft involving six dairy bull calves and another of obstructing the course of justice.

The state alleged that Mabika received the six calves from Chipinge commercial dairy farmer, David Hercules Jourbert, as a donation for Zanu PF in September 2011.

Prosecutor Christine Nyamaropa alleged that Mabika converted the calves to her own use and later claimed they had died of starvation due to lack of milk and supplementary feeding.

On the second count of obstruction of justice, the state alleged that in February 2013 when the case was under police investigation, Mabika tampered with minutes at the party’s offices to cover up the alleged crime.

Mabika's lawyers alleged that she was being persecuted because she spurned sexual advances from then Presidential Affairs Minister and Zanu PF secretary for administration, Didymus Mutasa. Mutasa denied ever proposing love to Mabika insisting he said the words to a friend as a joke and that if she took them as a proposition then that was unfortunate.[2]

On 8 July 2013, Mabika was acquitted of the stock theft and obstruction of justice charges she was facing. Mabika was also acquitted on another charge of stock theft where she was jointly charged with Mike Madiro after the court ruled that the matter be dealt with as a disciplinary matter at party level.[3]

Mabika and Madiro were accused of stealing President Robert Mugabe’s birthday.[4]

Missing Diamonds Donation

A senior serious frauds police detective investigating corruption charges involving more than $700 000 allegedly collected from diamond mining companies by Mike Madiro, and four other senior Zanu-PF members named Dorothy Mabika as a suspect.

Mabika was named as one of the suspects under investigation over the missing funds which were collected using Zanu-PF’s name. Disputing Mabika’s lawyer, Mr Tinofara Hove’s argument that his client was clean regarding the missing diamond money donations, Superintendent Marodza, said she was a suspect and police were still investigating the case.

He replied in the negative when Hove said there was no way his client could be a suspect when she was the one who led the provincial disciplinary team that heard the matter.[5]


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