Dzamabwe Group

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Dzamabwe Group
Public Voluntary Organisation
FoundedTawanda Kabasa

Dzamabwe group is a consortium of local Zimbabwean Non-governmental organizations created by Tawanda Kabasa with the conscious aim of contributing to Zimbabwe’s development discourse/agenda (vision 2030), particularly fostering the realization of human minimum standards which suit global standards and values.

Rationale behind the name Dzamabwe Group

The name is inspired by the Great Zimbabwe legacy which is recognized as a world heritage site. Great Zimbabwe served as a royal palace and was used as the seat of political power. Among the edifice’s most prominent features are its walls built by stones (Mabwe). The combination of stones laid stone by stone are and were the source of its strength, the reason why the walls have withstood the test of time, hence our fervent belief that the combination of pro-government NGOs can strengthen the government’s resolve and create a civilization that can overcome any obstacle ushering in an era of development, strength and resilience. If our forefathers could lay stone by stone to create a spectacular site such as Great Zimbabwe, the synergy of local pro government NGOs is capable of making the vision 2030 a physical disposition and not a fairy tale confined to the figment of the mind. Furthermore, Great Zimbabwe was not built by foreigners but VENE VAYO, Zimbabwe can and will follow the same trajectory stone by stone.


  • To influence community development in line with national and global standards and values
  • To raise funds under the sovereign fund
  • To promote national development, peace and unity
  • To champion Pan African development agenda
  • To cascade Government projects to grassroots communities

The Model

The project design is consciously tailored to influence local entrepreneurs and individuals to invest in community development projects in pursuit of the realization of human minimum standards.

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