Eglet Mtengwa Nyabvure

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Eglet Mtengwa Nyabvure
Eglet Mtengwa Nyabvure.jpg
BornEglet Mtengwa Nyabvure
OccupationTelecommunications and Electronics Engineer
Known forFounder of Pfeka and Co-founder of AVSOL International

Eglet Mtengwa Nyabvure is a technical and sales professional in the field of technical engineering and sales from telecommunications, Information Technology and Audio Visual in the Marine industry. She has been in the field for over a decade and a half.[1]

Eglet founded Pfeka in 2018, a brand which embeds subtle prints and patterns inspired by Africa into everyday wear.

She is also the Co-founder of AVSOL International, a Zimbabwe-based Audio Visual and ICT company based in Harare, Zimbabwe that offers technology solutions and accessories for such spaces such as board/meeting rooms, conference centres, training/classrooms, churches, hotels etc.

Personal Details

Eglet Mtengwa Nyabvure was born in Mberengwa District, Midlands Province, in a family of five girls. She is based in the Netherlands.[2]

She is married to Taku and the couple has two children, Nokutenda Talecia and Enour Taku Jr.[3]


She studied pure Arts at Advanced Level to get higher grades but was not interested in taking the courses that she was offered at university.

As a result, Eglet I had to do an extra year of Advanced Level Maths and Physical sciences to get admitted for a degree in engineering.


Eglet was born in Mberengwa where she grew up helping her parents with their grocery store.[4]

She later moved to Harare for tertiary education, studied telecommunications engineering and worked for Philips as a lead technician until she decided to start her own telecommunications and electrical business, Tale Electricals.

In 2007, Eglet moved to work in Cape Town, South Africa, where she lived for a year.

She then found a job in The Netherlands and moved there. She has registered and managed two businesses in the Netherlands.


In 2021, Eglet was recognised by the Archives Centre of the City of Almere in the Netherlands after she decided to design and wear something typical Zimbabwean for the immigrant women project.[5]

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