Fungai Malianga

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Fungai Paul Malianga is a Zimbabwean Singer.

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Personal Details

Born: 1949, last born of Reverend Paul Malianga and Harriet Mazwienyu Malianga.

School / Education

Secondary: Bernard Mizeki College.

Service / Career

1950s; began singing in family band, The Prophets. First gig next to the Murapa Hotel, organised by Lovemore Mutema and Harris Malianga, resulted in an invitation to go to asked to go to RBC/Rhodesia Broadcasting Corporation to record a song for a programme.
The family then formed the 2 D Sounds.
At the University of Rhodesia he played Blues and Jazz.
Moved to London, and sang with Stars of Liberty. They recorded Power to the People not knowing that that this single would be re-released almost half a century later. They played at many venues in the UK particularly in London, their most common being the Peacock in Islington North London. He was was later contacted by Burning Sounds Record Label who gave him his first professional Recording Contract in 1979 with Finsbury Park/ Things We Said Today. Dr Rastafari/Voodoo was to follow.
At this time he supported himself by teaching math, and attended University of London and later Goldsmiths College.
Date; returned to Zimbabwe, worked with the Child Survival and Development Foundation led by Amai Sally Mugabe. 10 years later Children Survive On was recorded for the Foundation and from it the single Frontline Child and Video were launched at Stodart Hall by Sally Mugabe.

Date; recorded album Jesus Saved My Soul led to single Jesus Saved My Soul and Video.


Date; began involvement with Sakubva Helper UK Charity.
2016; received a ZIMA UK Award.



  • Power To The People
  • Finsbury Park
  • Zimbabwean Funk
  • Dr Rastafari
  • Jesus Saved My Soul


  • Every Child Deserves A Future


  • 10 Years On Children Survive On
  • Jesus Saved My Soul
  • Upenyu/Life
  • The VOW
  • 2 Young Too Old

Further Reading

backatcharecords says:

A Harare-born singer and guitarist, Fungai Malianga had already cut his teeth in the studio alongside friend Fred Lindi and Davies Mhambi recording ‘Power To The People’ as funk-trio Stars Of Liberty. “In Zimbabwe we were into western funk and rhythm and blues. My brother went to the USA and would send us records back. Ray Charles, James Brown, The Platters... we would listen to those and mix those rhythms with our hometown style” explains Fungai. Relocating to the UK in the early 1970s, Fungai taught mathematics at Goldsmith’s College in New Cross whilst pursuing a part-time career as a musician performing at Ronnie Scotts, the 100 Club, Music Machine and across the London pub circuit.


  • Spotify [1]
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  • Fungaipaulmalianga [3]
  • Sakubvahelpersuk []


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