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This profile is about Gringo the character, for the actor, please refer to Lazarus Boora

Gringo was a Zimbabwean television drama that aired in the late 90s. The drama was named after its leading character or main actor Gringo which was played by Lazarus Boora. The Gringo character and the Television drama were created by Enock Chihombori who played Tobie in the drama.

About Gringo

The drama had an urban setting and revolved around the adventures of Gringo as a gardener for a middle-class suburban family (The Gweshe family). Characters like Madhumbe who was the housemaid of the Gweshe family and Firimoni her boyfriend were also part of the cast in the drama series.

Gringo was a naughty and funny character who relied on manipulation and mischief to achieve his goals. He was also hardworking but was responsible for tormenting his employer and the community at large.


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