Lovemore Madhuku
BornLovemore Madhuku
(1966-07-20) July 20, 1966 (age 55)
EducationUniversity of Zimbabwe
  • Politician
  • Lawyer
  • Academic
Known forFounding & Leading NCA

Lovemore Madhuku is a prominent law academic and politician. He is the current leader of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) and is also a political analyst.

Academic Qualifications

  1. Bachelor of Law, University of Zimbabwe, 1990
  2. Master of Law degree, University of Cambridge, 1994
  3. PhD Law, University of Cambridge, 1999[1]

Democracy Activism

Madhuku is a founding member of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) in 1997. The NGO main thrust was to lobby for democracy reforms in the country. Through vigorous lobbying the organisation was able to stop the adoption of a new constitution through a referendum held in 2000. The success of the "vote no" campaign by the NCA ranks top among their achievements. During the tenure of the Government of National Unity, Madhuku was also against the adoption of the newly crafted constitution arguing that the process had been hijacked by politicians thereby shortchanging Zimbabweans who were apolitical. The campaign against the proposed constitution was however not successful, the constitution was voted for by a majority and eventually adopted. Despite Madhuku being criticised for intending to hold the nation at ransom, Madhuku has vowed to die for a new constitution which is done through proper channels.< ref name="dhuku"/>

Political career

After having focused more on lobbying and activism, Madhuku eventually formed his own political party in 2013 named NCA Party, a party which was largely inspired by the NGO with the same name which Madhuku was a founding member.[2] Lovemore Madhuku went on a number of campaign trails around Zimbabwe to get in touch with the people of Zimbabwe. Nevertheless, the political party failed dismally to establish a notable relationship with the electorate.[3] Madhuku's political project was also doomed by the desertions of key members with whom he had started the project with. Blessing Vava and Takura Zhangazha parted ways with Madhuku accusing the party’s leadership of subverting the members’ will and of operating without clear policies and structures.[4]

In June 2018, Madhuku was nominated to stand for the NCA as its presidential candidate in the Zimbabwe 2018 Harmonised Elections.


Madhuku's marriage was said to be on the rocks after he allegedly impregnated the younger sister of his wife. The issue was said to have spilled into church hands with Madhuku said to be have been on the brink of excommunication.[5]


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