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National FM Zimbabwe formally Radio 4 is a Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation-owned station. The station broadcasts in 15 Zimbabwean minority languages that includes Tonga, Venda, Sotho and Kalanga. National FM targets the rural audience which resonates well with the languages.

Location and Transmission

National FM broadcasts 24 hours a day at 102.8 MHz in the capital Harare. There was once debate where most of the people and media reports said the location was nonstrategic. Since the people who speak the languages mainly reside in Matabeleland, Masvingo and Chiredzi, it was argued that it would be better if the station was located there.[1] The station's coverage reaches about 60% of the country.[2]



The station offers many educational programmes including topics on relationships and HIV and AIDS related issues. These have become popular even in rural areas. One such is 'Bvunzai Tete' which mean Ask Auntie in English. One of the most listened shows, the programme addresses health and social issues. The presenter of the show is also a trained HIV/AIDS counsellor lending credence to the show.[3]

Community Radio Representation

The station has always been likened to a community radio station since it broadcast in many languages. This had been the alleged reason why the government had been reluctant to issue licences for community radio starions. While the station is commended for its efforts to act like a community radio in a country, it was found that the languages of the ethnic communities does not promote ethnic identity.[4]

Social Responsibility

The station is one of the few which gives back to the community. In 2014, the station donated gifts to Danai Children’s home. The gifts included groceries such as mealie meal, cooking oil and sugar among other groceries. The children's home had orphaned and abandoned children who rely on donations for their day to day living.[5]


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