News:Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe director says Chiefs must protect subjects regardless of sexual orientation

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<vote /> Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ) director Chesterfield Samba, said chiefs must protect their subjects regardless of their sexual orientation. Samba’s comments come after reports that some chiefs were “punishing” homosexuals within their communities on grounds that the practice was against traditional values and norms.

Samba told that,

It is important that we reach out to traditional leaders and sensitise them about issues and rights of sexual minorities within their communities. And it’s very unfortunate because our members have been attacked by the political leadership within the country as people who do not deserve any rights. But despite all these challenges we are pushing for the normalisation of sexual difference in our society. The main challenge is how to get to those communities and educate the traditional leaders and create dialogue and have conversations with them.

President Robert Mugabe is on record saying he will never tolerate homosexuals in Zimbabwe and would see to it that they are severely punished,

At the moment, they get something like three months’ imprisonment. They should rot in jail, we want a nation guided by strong values, we cannot give up our values for money.

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