News:Police have no right to penalise motorists with different tyre brands

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<vote /> In a response to motorists who were being fined for having tyres from different manufacturers, national police spokesperson, Senior Assistant Charity Charamba said that police have no right to penalise motorists with different tyre brands.

Charity Charamba said that,

"We have noticed with great concern an outcry by motorists who are being fined by police for using unauthorised tyres on their vehicles. For the avoidance of doubt, police would like to clarify and put on record that it's not an offense to have different tyre brands on a motor vehicle as long as they comply with provisions of Section 53 as read with section 14 (6) of Statutory Instrument 129/15, which delineates that a motorist that a motorist can't fit a tubeless tyre on one side and a tubed tyre on the other."

The police spokesperson also said that,

"The size of a tyre has to do with the issue of tyre profile and dimension. Therefore motorists can't be penalised for fitting tyres of different brands if such tyres meet all other provisions of section 14(6) of Statutory Instrument 129/15."

She further mentioned that the law has nothing to do with brand names such as Dunlop, Michigan, Firestone among many others and urged motorists to comply with traffic rules and regulations to avoid being penalised by traffic officers.

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